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99 Flickr Groups for Design Inspiration

Web designers and graphic designers are always looking for new sources of design inspiration. Of course, many of us turn to CSS galleries, and there are even more sources of offline inspiration. Personally, I find the work in many Flickr groups to be another excellent source of inspiration. Aside from the billions of photos on Flickr, there are also some groups that have been established to showcase the work of designers. Here is a look at 99 of them according to category (about half of them are general graphic design groups). Below the link to each group you’ll see the number of members and the number of items (pictures, graphics, screenshots, etc.) that have been submitted to the group, plus I have included part of the group description as listed by the moderator.


Illustration is a very popular trend in web design. These groups will provide some excellent inspiration and ideas that can be incorporated into your work.


8,928 members – 80,525 items

For illustrators and lovers of illustration.

Illustration and Graphic Addicts
107 members – 550 items

All about illustration, graphic and design.

Illustration Friday
2,853 members – 5,513 items

Weekly topics, beautifully illustrated by a wide range of artists. Anyone is free to join, regardless of skill or experience – just draw!! Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation.

Vintage Illustration
1,144 members – 5,756 items

Vintage illustrations from before 1970 – a place to put them all. Especially for those vintage illustrations you have that don’t exactly fit into any of the other specialty illustration groups or ones you’d like to just spread around more.

Adobe Illustrator
1,470 members – 6,464 items

No description given.

Illustration Now
3,388 members – 25,931 items

This group is for illustration lovers, sketches figures, color, and expression… are allowed to be here… for whomever that just simply enjoy drawing, painting everything…


These groups specifically target sketches, another potential element to use in your designs.



3,146 members – 30,008 items

Images from sketchbooks.

1,937 members – 16,233 items

Sketches of anything welcome here…well with the exception of anything offensive.

Drawing: We Do it Everyday
1,905 members – 22,810 items

Welcome! This group was created to share daily drawings with one another. Please date your drawings in the description of your photo.


Most graphic designers can’t get too much inspiration for their work in Photoshop. Pick up some new ideas from any of these groups.



1,585 members – 2,778 items

Like Photoshop? Join the PSDTUTS Community! PSDTUTS is a Photoshop Tutorial site with thousands of daily readers and a really cool group of active community members. This group is for readers to post up their creations using or inspired by the tutorials on the site, chat with each other and generally show off their work!

9,501 members – 47,666 items

A group for those who like to use PhotoShop (or other photo programs) to enhance or alter their photography.

Adobe Photoshop Creations
7,264 members – 77,235 items

Post edited photos by Adobe PhotoShop and share your experience with us 🙂

Photoshop Art
6,179 members – 55.324 items

This group is about celebrating the art of Adobe Photoshop. Images may include Photoshop manipulations, original artwork, photographs and more. If it was created in, or has been through Photoshop, then this is the group to share it in.

Photoshop Junkies
2,274 members – 10,655 items

For those who love Photoshop and just cant get enough. Tutorials have now been added. Write your own or place a link to your favorite tutorial and see what people come up with or follow a tutorial and post your results here.

Photoshop Professionals
1,671 members – 15,034 items

The World Of Graphic Arts And Photoshop Image Designers “All Are Welcome.”

Photoshop Support Group
12,126 members – 35,564 items

WELCOME! We have noticed a growing trend in the comments of our favorite photographers. Things like, “Please tell me how you photoshopped that!” This group has many facets. We want people eager to learn new tricks, and people eager to teach new tricks.

Adobe Photoshop Creations
7,264 members – 77,238 items

Post edited photos by Adobe PhotoShop and share your experience with us 🙂

Photoshop Art
6,179 members – 55,326 items

This group is about celebrating the art of Adobe Photoshop. Images may include Photoshop manipulations, original artwork, photographs and more. If it was created in, or has been through Photoshop, then this is the group to share it in.

3,442 members – 25,700 members

We don’t want to be a strict group but there is some rules you must follow. Photos need to be edited to in a way that exceed darkroom editing such as those edited on Photoshop and consist of either a lot of colour adjustment, layering, texturing, filtering dodging and burning.

Photoshop is Not a Dirty Word
3,400 members – 26,035 items

A big welcome to ‘Photoshop is not a dirty word’, and in addition a big thanks to all the contributors who make this group what it is. The group is for images that you’ve created, edited, manipulated or cropped in Photoshop or a similar package. This group isn’t really about rules and regulations; we don’t want to tie you in knots.

The Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3 Group
2,391 members – 12,184 items

Add your photos created or modified with Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3 here.


Looking for some ideas to improve the typography of your work? You’ll find some examples of great and creative uses of typography in these groups.

Typography and Lettering

Typography and lettering

5,071 members – 29,429 items

Letters made my machine or man.

Design and Typography
903 members – 1,001 items

Following the success of the facebook group Design & Typography, I wanted to set up a Flickr account to spread the resources the group offers.

Found Type
1,518 members – 11,079 items

This is a collection of typography found in everyday life. signs, signage, hand-lettered signs, anything that inspires you.

829 members – 9,105 items

Words, signs, letters.

777 members – 3,384 items

Typophiles unite! Show us your stuff! Post images of your typographic obsessions, works in progress, andTypophile related events and activities.

Folk Typography
695 members – 504 items

Folk Typography, aka “outsider typography”. Surprising, original letterforms created by people who are not designers, typographers, calligraphers, or graffiti artists– in other words, people outside of all traditional schools of typographic influence. The unschooled world is full of unwitting innovations. Let’s find them and celebrate them!

Beautiful Numbers
646 members – 2,090 items

it’s all about beautiful numbers


Vectors are another current trend in web design. These groups showcase some excellent vector creations to provide you with some inspiration.

Vector Art

Vector Art

3,661 members – 15,073 items

Artwork made using vectors!

? Vector Graphics
977 members – 5,150 items

This is all about your vector stuff. | Original designs required.

Web Design

While all of the groups listed in this post are useful for web designers, these groups specifically target web design as opposed to other aspects of design.

Web Design

3,309 members – 3,811 items

Welcome to Flickr Web Design! Here you can post screenshots of web designs for constructive critique and review or just for fun. Please be sure to post original work only.

Webdesign Inspiration
810 members – 829 items

Showcase for sites, graphics, logos etc. that are all inspiration. Everyone is invited to post screenshots of sites or of parts of sites that can be a true inspiration. Please include the link (URL) to the original design.


One of the most important aspects of any form of design is color and color choices. These groups provide photos and images with some unbelievable use of color.

Catchy Colors

Catchy Colors

47,525 members – 962,656 items

No description given.

Power of Colours
1,560 members – 9,988 items

Images maded by using a digital or traditional way! Personally i love digital way but i really appreciate all art.

Colors of Our World
10,391 members – 228,752 items

This group is all about the Colors of the World. Post photographs that you believe capture the wonderful color of our world.

Color and Colors
9,167 members – 199,180 items

any image related to “colorful.”

The Magic of Colour
5,810 members – 77,943 items

Now the rules! NO Nudity this a family friendly group, 5 posts a day, and issue 5 magic awards its that simple, have fun and make someone happy today by issuing them a magic award.

2,807 members – 70,102 items

Colorful photos.

General Graphic Design

The “What is Graphic Design?” Poster Competition

What is Graphic Design?

646 members – 457 items

The basic concept of this contest is to come up with something creative or witty that visualises the question What is Graphic Design? It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw as it can be all type as well. Basically this is your one time chance to give total freedom a shot. More information about this contest on my blog.

Graphic Design Magazines
633 members – 1,005 items

Graphic & typegraphy magazines, covers, pages, layout, design…

Character Design
2,717 members – 19,890 items

All about character design. Feel free to upload anything related to character design: drawings, sketches, illustrations, artworks, toys, packagings, books, products, merchandising… It can be your design or a design you love.

Art Out Loud
2,444 members – 49,468 items

Photography, illustration, digital art, and design… bring up all ur work, and hit the spot!

Experimental Graphic Design
1,508 members – 6,857 items

Experimental Graphic Design We do it for the future of Design. If you are in to graphic design, graphic art, traditional art, photography, architecture, fashion design/merged with graphic design and any other experimental techniques/methods, this is the place for you.

Graphic Design
8,244 members – 45,832 items

Anything from drawings you did in Paint to photoshoped images. If you made it, put it in the pool. =)

Graphic Designs
812 members – 5,389 items

Original graphic designs.

Graphic Designs!
153 members – 460 items

Photos and designs.

The Factory (Graphic Design)
190 members – 699 items

Character design, vector art and Collage

Graphic Design and Typography
490 members – 3,311 items

No description given.

You’r Graphic Design
273 members – 625 items

graphic design of all kinds =D

Creative Graphic Designers
126 members – 518 items

Be creative, this group was made for light shots, anything from collages to Panoramas. It doesn’t matter if your new to Graphic design or if your a pro at it. If your in school like myself put up any of your work that you may want anybody else to see. If your doing anything else feel free to post it.

United Graphic Kingdom
1,032 members – 2,320 items

United Graphic Kingdom is a newly established brand, aiming to make design or photography into products. If you are interested, please join the group, put your own design there (If we find out you copied from others, your photos will be removed directly). If we like your design, we will contact you to discuss about cooperation details, then, make it into products soon!

Ad Design
685 members – 1,757 items

Photos taken that would work especially well in advertising, to share with other ad designers. A place where you can post an ad you’ve built and receive professional critique. Also a place to share information, tips and updates concerning photography in design, and design in general.

Design the Logo
2,235 members – 3,501 items

If you work with graphic design and especially logomaking this is the place for you. Post your drafts, sketches, work etc.

Graphic Manipulations
308 member – 609 items

This group is for graphically manipulated images (graphic design & photographs), but not just any one… The ones you consider your best. We are looking for graphic design incorporated into photographs, or vice versa. In short GRAPHIC DESIGNS THAT HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS WITHIN THEM.

Graphic [Art] from the Camera!
789 members – 6,229 items

Striking photographic imagery that has a visual style that depicts graphic design.

Graphic DeZine
57 members – 347 items

Calling all graphic designers~beep beep beep~ Repeat- Calling all graphic designers who thrive to be the best in what the do, wether they’re using photoshop or some other computer art program. If you LOVE design, then you’ll love this design group!

Graphic Designers Cafe
707 members – 2,731 items

Welcome To Graphic Designers Café Group.. Here you’re All welcomed to Talk about Designing.. Teaching and Learning How to design.. and How To Use Designing Programs.. also to show your Most Viewed Designs..

Be A Design Group
206 members – 1,015 items

This group is a place to showcase the photography of graphic designers and the readers of the grahpic design blog, Be A Design Group. Submit your “BA” photos, or any photo that you think might interest graphic designers.

Design Nerds
963 members – 5,406 items

This group is primarily for designers all over the world that often stop in the middle of the street and admire a simple type treatment used in a sign while everyone is walks by saying “uh whats up with that sign?”

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada
45 members – 968 items

The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) is Canada’s national graphic design association. It is a member-based organization of design professionals, educators, administrators, students, and associates in communications, marketing, media and design-related fields.

Your Art – Not Photography
11,049 members – 108.710 items

Lets see your art. Fine art, illustration, comics, doodles, sketches, paintings, digital drawing & painting, collage, calligraphy, sculptures – Just make sure it is your creation and effort! The only photos allowed are ones of your work, such as sculpture, paintings and fiber arts. Photos of your art, not your photos as art.

Art and Artists
6,250 members – 76,337 items

For artists who want to show their portfolio and talk about their works.

Art District
6,247 members – 107,909 items

Creative creatures of all types, artist, photography, graffiti, vector, web, print, fashion, music, graphic design.

Abstract Art
4,997 members – 62,289 items

Abstract art -ANY medium (Photoshop abstracts are welcome). Nature scenes can be abstract, rust / oxidation photos, too. Think creatively and post some interesting photos! Invite your friends!

+ Designers
3,709 members – 33,483 items

All designers are welcome to join and post your artwork in the pool!

deviantART Deviants
3,505 members – 32,595 items

The deviantART Flickr Group, where all deviants come to play in their home away from home.

3,358 members – 60,520 items

Transcending the constraints of standard photography. This group is for exploring alternative, and creative styles of photography. Ranging from Photo manipulations, Unique angles (perspective), long/double exposures, photo mediums, lighting, anything else aesthetic and unusual.

Pop Art
3,279 members – 15,347 items

Pop art, a movement that first emerged in Great Britain at the end of the 1950s as a reaction against the seriousness of abstract expressionism. A style of art which seeks its inspiration from commercial art and items of mass culture (such as comic strips, popular foods and brand name packaging). Pop art was first developed in New York City in the 1950’s and soon became the dominant avant-garde art form in the United States.

Digital Art
3,101 members – 44,124 items

Digital art is art created on a computer in digital form. Digital art can be purely computer-generated, such as fractals, or taken from another source, such as a scanned photograph, or an image drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet.

3,050 members – 26,482 items

Welcome to the Texture Group. This group was created to bring together people with interest in texture, and the careful study of the fine detail that makes up the whole. The group’s pool is a place to post photos that have texture as the main subject in the frame.

Design is Love
3,025 members – 18,254 items

Maybe we can’t built like the engineers, we can’t farm like the farmers, maybe…… But we designers and design fans have our own way to make people’s life better! Do you know what I mean? It is the designers’ destiny.

Poster Design
1,728 members – 4,893 items

Let’s compare and discuss and enjoy our ideas of POSTER DESIGN

Cover Designers
1,667 members – 2,579 items

This group is aiming to make all graphic artists and illustrators who particularly work on CD, book, magazine etc. covers come together, share ideas and not only follow the trends but also set trends.

Designer Wallpaper
1,083 members – 267 items

This is only for geeky designer wallpapers made by designers for designers about design. nothing else. (And it MUST be design related, not fanboy art for any platform or company. Unrelated photo or comment posts will get deleted, sorry, them’s the rules. -luke)

CD Cover Meme
840 members – 1,230 items

Always wanted to be in a rock band? Well, here’s your chance…sort of. Make your own CD Cover with the following steps and rocket yourself to mulit-platinum status and start fending off the groupies.

BittBox User Showcase
722 members – 1,709 items

Anyone and everyone who would like to share their designs and what they have learned or used from BittBox Freebies/Tutorials. Heck, just show us what you got, doesn’t matter where you got it!

Love Design
716 members – 4,733 items

For who loves the design like me. every design.

Graffiti Street Art
667 members – 4,907 items

No description given.

23,730 members – 130,297

The intent of this group is to feature pictures and discussion surrounding HDR specific technology and tools (Photoshop >CS2 / Photomatix / Maya / HDR cameras) used for creating or developing high bit HDR images. (if it doesn’t say HDR it’s not HDR)

8,530 members – 57,596 items

For Sepia toned photos… obviously.

Wim Crouwell
116 members – 424 items

This group was created to bring together all the great work done by the legendary graphic designer and typographer, Wim Crouwel.

Photo-Graphic Design
825 members – 2,429 items

In today’s age of marketing, design and photography go hand in hand. Photographers need to know design to sell their work. Designers need quality photographs in order to create quality designs. This is a forum for graphic designers and photographers to share their tips, techniques and resources, ask questions, and show off their latest projects.

International Graphic Design
1,023 members – 6,207 items

If it was ever possible to photgraph every piece of graphic design ever! I’d do it. I’d wish i had the actual thing! From packaging to parking tickets, logos to lottery tickets, fruit stickers to fries boxes. brands old and new. I’m thinking more the ephereral. small scale, preferably “good” design (don’t be afraid) but also not. 2 dimensional printed matter. I’d like to create an international map of graphic aesthetic. Who does creates the coolest stuff? Everyone?

SML Graphic Design
59 members – 256 items

SML Graphic Design = Small graphic design + Medium graphic design + Large graphic design.

Score Me Graphic Design
305 members – 471 items

Post your image ( illustration, typography, experiment, drafts … )before scoring. Post 1 and score the 3 to the right. Start scoring immediately after you have posted your photo. Wait until 3 more images have been posted after yours before posting another.

Real Graphic Design
172 members – 123 items

Graphic Design: Layout, typography, logo creation, and branding. This could include anything from posters, record sleeves, corporate materials, promotional items, business cards, logos, and typography.

Mississippi State Graphic Design
121 members – 2,277 items

This is a group where all MSU graphic design students can post their work for critique, and to just show everybody what we are working on.


Of course, Flickr is all about photos. But these groups contain some photos that may be of particular interest to graphic designers.

Graphic Designers Moonlighting as Photographers

Graphic Designers Moonlighting as Photographers

5,420 members – 45,237 items

You know who you are. HOW Magazine dedicated an issue to you. This is for all those graphic designers who feel as comfortable with a camera as they do in Quark, InDesign or Illustrator. This is for designers that are most likely enjoying a career in the graphic design or illustration industry.

Photo Computer Art
1,217 members – 4,195 items

this group collect particular natural photos modified through color map

International Groups

I have no idea what the descriptions say, but the images can be a great source of inspiration regardless of what language you speak.

Design Grafico Brasil

Design Grafico Brasil

1,050 members – 4,903 items

Discussões sobre o design gráfico, suas criações e aplicações. Tudo sobre arte design, design gráfico, tipografia, identidade visual, programação visual, embalagem, ilustração, impressões, sketchbooks, papéis, materiais, máquinas, ferramentas etc…

Italian Graphic Design Club
85 members – 640 items

Qui si vuole dare visibilità ai graphic designers italiani, consentendo la pubblicazione dei loro progetti sia di natura commerciale che artistica.

1,043 members – 3,094 items

Nuevo grupo pensado para juntar Diseñadores & “Buscadores de Talento” xD

Digital Art
56 members – 215 items

inserite e postate tutto cio che volete, dopo aver letto le regole!

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