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Full Smashing Library (60+ eBooks + 1 year of updates) – only $45 (SPONSORED CONTENT)


Fact: Smashing Magazine puts out some of the most informative and helpful articles around for Web Designers. They even go 1 step further and collect some of their best articles into a series of printed and electronic books.

And now, thanks to this incredibly rare super deal, you can get full access to the entire eBook library from Smashing Books for 1 year.

The Smashing Library is an invaluable resource, especially when you consider you’re getting over 60 expert-filled volumes of eBooks for one low price. But Mighty Deals is always pushing for more. So we convinced Smashing Library to cut its rate by more than 50% for a very limited time only.

That’s right, just $45 gets you full access for an entire year. That’s less than $4 per month if you break it down.

Smashing Library One-Year Subscription Highlights:

Over 60 eBooks:
If knowledge is power, then you’re about to buy a whole lotta power. Your one-year subscription to Smashing Library gets you full access to the Smashing Books library for an entire year. That’s well over 60 info-packed eBook resources for your Web design and programming needs.
Over 24 New eBooks Each Year:
In addition to the existing library of Smashing Books, you’ll also have access to all newly created eBooks. That’s over 24 new Smashing eBooks each year.
Expert Advice:
Written by industry experts, these insightful eBooks include both previously published and all-new exclusive articles from the top authors and experts contributing at Smashing Magazine. While the eBooks cover some basics, they’re mostly geared towards intermediate and advanced level users, and clock in at an average 175 pages per book in PDF format.
Digital Versions of Popular Print Books:
Some of Smashing Books most popular printed volumes include Smashing Books 1, Smashing Books 2, Smashing Books 3, and The Mobile Book. Not only will this deal get you digital versions of all those books, but you’ll also receive digital versions of all upcoming printed Smashing books.
Wide Variety of Categories:
The Smashing Library covers the most important aspects of designing and developing websites. Through more than 60 eBooks, you can learn about Coding, UX Design, Mobile, Design, Graphics, WordPress, Freelancing, Content Strategy and more.
Read On Any Device:
eBooks are available in multiple file formats including PDF, ePub and Kindle formats.
Vote on Future eBooks:
As a Smashing Library member, your voice will carry some weight too. You’ll get opportunities to vote on upcoming eBooks and topics.

Normally this fantastic Smashing Library sells for $99, but for a limited time, you can get a full-year subscription to Smashing Library for just $45 – That’s more than 50% off the regular price.

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