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45+ Sources and Sets of Photoshop Custom Shapes

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For graphic designers, working with custom shapes in Photoshop can be a big time-saver. While free brushes get a lot of attention, custom shapes probably get less. Here is a rundown of some of the best resources to download free custom shapes for your own work in Photoshop.

For more Photoshop resources, please see:

Photoshop Custom Shapes from the Adobe Exchange (370 sets)
The Adobe Exchange is a great place to find all kinds of resources, including custom shapes for Photoshop. There is plenty of variety and a huge amount of sets to choose from.

Adobe Exchange

Custom Shapes from MyPhotoshopBrushes.com (30 sets)
MyPhotoShopBrushes isn’t limited to just brushes. They also offer 30 sets of custom shapes, including animals, people, objects, and more abstract shapes.


Custom Shapes from About.com (9 sets)
About.com has nine sets available for download, including basic shapes, arrows, symbols, snowflakes, stars and sunbursts, speech bubbles, and more.

About.com custom shapes

Custom Shapes from Ladyoak (154 sets)
A huge resource for custom shapes, Ladyoak offers over 150 sets.

Ladyoak custom shapes

Photoshop Custom Shapes from BioRUST (21 sets)
BioRUST has 21 sets of shapes for download, including maps, silhouettes, animals, music-related shapes, mythical creatures and more.

Shapes from BioRUST

Photoshop Shape Sets from eDuration (6 sets)
eDuration offers six sets of shapes, including logos, icons, buttons, and some miscellaneous shapes.


Custom Shapes from Nathan Blenke (100 shapes)
A large set of shapes that includes a number of office objects and various other shapes.

Shapes from Nathan Blenke

Custom Shapes from Grafiks (24 shapes)
A set of 24 various shapes, including some swirls and abstract shapes.


Butterfly Shapes from Dezignus (49 shapes)
This is a big set of more butterfly shapes than you should ever need.

Butterfly shapes

Foliage Shapes for Dezignus (over 350 shapes)
You can use these foliage shapes to create your own patterns or to add some creativity to text/fonts.

Foliage shapes

Businessman Silhouettes from Dezignus (12 shapes)
Silhouettes are always nice to have on hand for when you need them. This set provides shapes of businessmen.

Businessman silhouettes

Custom Shapes on deviantART

The users of deviantART make it one of the best resources for finding custom shapes. There are countless sets of shapes for you to browse through, and many of the best sets are featured below.

Ornaments from Ahmad AlShayal


Straights and Swirls from thesuper

straights and swirls

Sea Creatures by thesuper

Sea creatures

Plan Trees by thesuper

plan trees

Live Trees by thesuper

live trees

Auto Gauges by thesuper

auto gauges

Hot Babes by Mutato Nomine

hot babes

World Maps by Luke Roberts

world shapes

Bird Shapes by Luke Roberts

bird shapes

Aircraft Custom Shapes by Luke Roberts

aircraft shapes

Maritime Shapes by Luke Roberts

maritime shapes

Sunburst Shapes by Backflip540

sunburst shapes

Revolution Collection by HebeDesign

revolution collection

Ribbon Collection by HebeDesign

ribbon collection

Skater Collection by HebeDesign

skater collection

Abstract Shapes by xyunaxfantasiesx

abstract shapes

Batman Vector Shapes by Retoucher07030

Batman shapes

Car Logos by See-Create

car logos

Animal Shapes for Photoshop by UnidentifyStudios

animal shapes

Kiddy Stuffs by HikariDrops

kiddy stuffs

Skateboarder Shapes by ecover

skateboarder shapes

Assorted Logos by Richard Perkins

assorted logos

Silhouettes Bernius by eiermann1952


Stars V2.0 by Deviant-ARAB


Stars V3.0 by Deviant_ARAB


Hoops by SnapHook

hoops shapes

Zombies by tmwors


Splat Shapes by Yarrum2

splat shapes

Basics of Working with and Creating Custom Shapes

Want to learn more about working with custom shapes or creating your own shapes?  Here are three articles to get you started.

Photoshop Tutorials: Photoshop Custom Shapes – Photoshop Essentials

For more resources please see:

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