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Why Divi Builder Belongs in Your Design Toolbox

If you can imagine the advantage of using a WordPress page builder that has many of the features of a premium WordPress theme, that is exactly what you will experience with Divi Builder.

  • The best features of Divi Theme have been built into this powerful, feature-rich plugin.
  • Divi Builder is a standalone tool. It can be used with any WordPress theme.
  • No need to abandon your favorite theme. Divi Builder will make it perform better than ever.
  • Divi Builder is the most advanced page-building plugin on the market.

What You Will Like about the Divi Builder Plugin

Several things set Divi builder apart from the typical drag and drop tools, including visual design capabilities, building block modules, premade layouts, and a wealth of core features.

  • 40+ Content Modules – If you enjoy building with blocks, you will discover that you can create just about any website imaginable by combining and arranging Divi Builder’s diverse set of building blocks.
  • 20+ Premade Layouts – Start a page from scratch, start one from a previously completed layout, or use one of the 20+ premade layouts, to get your project off to a rapid start.
  • Coding is not Required – Your page building can be done strictly on a visual basis. There is no need for coding to create a richly-detailed, awesome page.

Building Power at Your Fingertips


Although the functionality of the Divi Page Builder may appear somewhat minimal at first, visible top level controls, settings modals, and right click options combine to make it easy and fun to work with.

  • Create Advanced Columns in Seconds – There is no law that states the content in a blog or a webpage must be restricted to a single column. Create one or more column structures in advance, and use them creatively to spice up your pages.
  • Duplicate any Element with a Single Click – Creating a page at a time with an element at a time is unnecessary, since you can instantly duplicate or copy and paste any element on a page for use elsewhere.
  • Disable an Item to Hide it On the Front End – If you have an element you don’t want to display permanently, such as a seasonal banner, you can disable and hide it. There’s no need to delete it and rebuild it later.


  • Lock an Item to Disable Its Editing FunctionsThere may be elements in a website you do not wish to have modified by a client or another party. Divi Builder allows you to lock any section, row, or module to prevent changes.
  • Copy and Paste within Layouts or Onto other Pages – Copy and Paste can be a very useful feature. You can even copy items from one page and place them on one or more others.
  • Collapse Builder Chunks for a more Concise View of Your Content – The collapsing function makes page building faster and easier by collapsing sections or rows within your layout when you are working in one area and you don’t need to have other areas displayed.
  • Unlimited Undos and Redos – In a perfect world, there would be no need for undo and redo functionality. In the real world, these two features can be huge time savers. You can travel back and forth in time to adjust, improve on, or delete past moves and edits.

Complete Layout Spacing Control

Divi Builder enables you to adjust spacing to fit your exact requirements or to add emphasis to a particular block of content.

  • Section and Row Vertical Spacing can easily be controlled thanks to Divi Builder’s breadth of layout options
  • Horizontal Column Spacing, combined with vertical spacing, makes it possible to open up an otherwise cramped layout and give a page a greater sense of harmony.
  • The Custom Padding and Margin feature takes your layout spacing options a step further. Individual elements can be modified to create any image and topographic layout.
  • Divi Builder also allows full control over Row and Column Widths and content width.

Over 40 Content Blocks


Divi Builder’s 40+ content modules, in combination with 3 section and 20 row types, offers unlimited possibilities since every element can be customized.

  • There’s a Module for That! – Whatever you are trying to build, Divi Builder has a module that will make it easy to do. If you have a need to integrate one or more third-party plugins to help you along, the Custom Code Module enables you to do so.
  • Simple Configuration Options – Since there is no need to rely on coding to configure Divi Builder modules, creating a custom layout is a simple task.
  • Customize Absolutely Everything – When everything can be customized, the phrase “unlimited design options” takes on real meaning. You have full control to customize a layout’s, colors, spacing, and other design features.
  • Add Custom CSS – If you really want to dig deep and customize parts of individual modules, Divi Builder won’t stop you. Quite the opposite is true.

The Divi Builder Library


An unlimited number of custom page-building elements and layouts can be stored in Divi Builder Library and instantly accessed for use in new pages or templates.

  • Save any Layout, Section, Row, or Module – As you save more and more modules, selections, and entire pages, and Divi Library will quickly become your custom library. Over time, page building will become faster and easier due to the ever-increasing number of customized elements at your disposal.
  • Access Your Library Elements from any Page – Any item you save in the Library is there for your access and use. The more you store, the less you need to build from scratch.
  • Saving Items with Selective Sync – When you save an item, you can select which settings you would like to save.
  • Export and Import Data into any Site – It is easy to jump start a new project, since your stored data from past projects can easily be imported for further use. The number of hours you save will be impressive.
  • Global Items – When you add an item to the library and designate it as a Global item, it can be placed on multiple pages. When you change the item on one page, it is synced with the items on the other pages!
  • Multiple Items, All in Sync – To repeat a single item across your entire website, simply designate and store it as a Global Library item.
  • Global Items + Selective Sync – Take the sync feature a step further by selectively syncing certain settings (a font style for example) – a significant time saver.

Pay a visit to the Divi Builder site to learn more about this amazing tool. Be prepared to be impressed! The more you look into its core features, the more you will wonder how you ever managed to get along without it. It doesn’t matter which WordPress Theme you use either. Divi Builder can be used with any WordPress theme, and it will make it more powerful and easier to work with than ever. Seriously consider adding this impressive page-building engine to your design toolbox.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Divi Builder.

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