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Why Do These 5 Latest Pre-Built Websites Have a Modern Look?

As a web designer, you understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends. This is not as difficult as it may seem, even though trends are forever changing.

Trends in web design represent new and innovative visual approaches that have become popular, and you naturally want to take advantage of them. You look for the best ways to catch the attention of and engage the user, and pick the right design approach for the job at hand.

Today’s web design trends focus on UX, mobile, and uncluttered user interfaces. This is where partnering with Be Theme makes sense. Be Theme is the biggest WordPress theme ever with its more than 200 beautiful pre-built websites.

Be’s more recent launches are especially modern and fresh.

  • They support visual hierarchy, and they feature subtle micro-effects that enrich the UX.

  • Users have come to prefer full-width layouts with the effective use of patterns to focus on what’s important.
  • The smart use of hero images is one of the most popular and powerful trends.

The Following Be Theme Pre-Built Websites Illustrate the Latest Design Trends

The pre-built websites displayed here have several things in common. They represent the latest web design trends; they are extremely easy to install; and no coding is required for their installation and use.

Each has been designed to draw the users in, and make them want to explore the site in greater detail. Each is closely focused on the client’s business brand. Some rely more on text, others more on imagery, but the message conveyed is always clear, and it is never cluttered.

Be Car


This website is representative of a popular and growing design trend in the use of hero imagery.

  • The hero image is particularly impressive and fits in perfectly with the website’s concept.
  • The choice and arrangement of colors is smooth and well organized.
  • There is an excellent use of white space.
  • The hover effects in the gallery contribute to a smooth and engaging UX.

Overall, this web design, with its use of colors, white space, and full-width layout, conveys a sense of balance, elegance and luxury.

Be Architect2


What differentiates this modern pre-built website from the others?

  • This is an outstanding example of a minimalist approach.
  • It features a visual hierarchy scheme that places all of the elements, colors, and fonts, in a good relationship.
  • Its imaginative play on perspective gives the user a more interesting view.



What separates THIS pre-built website from the others are its somewhat different characteristics:

  • The corporate identity is presented in a friendly manner.
  • Following one of the latest trends in web design, the use of colors gets its inspiration from the neon vintage 80s, and transmits warmth.
  • There is a good use of white space.
  • The icons are consistent with the website’s color scheme.
  • The card-like web design trend has been put to use.

Be SmartHome


Several design features of this pre-designed website that particularly stand out include:

  • A subtle use of header effects.
  • The use of minimalist icons to point the user to information of interest.
  • The consistency of design, as exemplified by the conceptual relationship between the website’s theme and its graphical elements.
  • The pricing page provides an example of an interesting play on perspective.

Be Makeup


This website takes advantage of several modern design trends, with awesome results.

  • The header effect is subtle, but not to the point of being inconspicuous.
  • Note the effectiveness of minimalistic icons.
  • This one-page website provides just the right UX for the subject matter.
  • The graphic detail clearly articulates the website’s theme.
  • The hero shot emphasizes the artistic nature of the business.

The Many Benefits of Using Pre-Built Websites

The modern designs of pre-built websites such as these can certainly get a project started in the right direction.

It should be noted that each of the 200+ releases is completely customizable. What this means is that when you consider all of the web-building capabilities embedded in this web tool’s 40 core features, it soon becomes obvious that Be Theme offers an abundance of benefits.


First of all, installing one of these pre-built websites takes but a single click. Another click or two puts the Muffin Builder and the Admin Panel duo into play, and you are off and running. Muffin Builder is a modern, innovative page builder, while Admin Panel, also referred to as Options Panel, gives you all the flexibility you need to build your most awesome website ever.

You’ll have little trouble in creating a top quality UI and UX for whatever theme your client is looking for. Be’s Shortcode Generator enables you to incorporate exquisite features and the finest details without ever having to resort to coding. If you decide to create a page from a blank screen, the Layout Configurator will enable you to do so in mere minutes.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Be Theme.

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