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Fun Office Decor For Designers & Digital Artists

The design of your office can greatly affect your mood and work environment. Extra little bits of fun office decor are the perfect accents to spruce up your home office.

But where should you even start? Designers, artists, and other digital creatives will likely want to foster an environment of idea generation. The office should in many ways feel like a playground to test new ideas and gauge opinions realistically.

In this post I want to share some fun items you can buy to decorate your home office. Some are super cheap while others cost a little bit of money. Some are functional while others are purely decorative.

But overall this is a great first step to getting your office decorated and looking just the way you want it.

Wall Art

The first decorative item you might buy would hang on your wall to make things look pretty. These can be stickers, decorative paintings, framed photos or really anything you want.

I like this design quotes calendar which has all twelve months containing recognizable quotes from famous designers. Each month is designed with classy photos and it fits nicely onto any wall.

This is a real cheap item and it gets revamped for each new year. It also comes with extra spacious date boxes so you can jot down notes, tasks, deadlines, or whatever else may be on your to-do list.

Another cool item from My Design Shop is this typography poster. Every single letter is custom designed to catch the attention of typography lovers. Other neat posters can be found on the site if you take the time to look.

But if you want letters on your wall then maybe you’d want hanging quotes instead. Some designers may want the words of Steve Jobs hanging on their wall as a source of daily inspiration. You can get these decals in various styles to fit the room or your taste in design.

steve jobs

Some stickers are a little pricey and super big, so you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re buying.

I you don’t know how much room is available then measure the space on your walls. This way you can better allocate the free space in your office.

Some designers might want to go the traditional route with canvas prints. There are lots of different options like All Posters, CanvasPop, and Minted.

If you can design your own art this is a super cheap way to go. You could even get hands-on with your own frames too.

all posters homepage

But there’s also great custom prints like this AT print and many other cool things you can find on eBay.

Think about what you’d want on your walls and how you’d want the office to look. From there it gets easier to put together a decor that matches your mindset.

Desk Decorations

Every great office needs a desk. Some desks are super minimalist with nothing but the essentials.

But some designers like to keep their workspace lively with tools, tech, and decorations. If you’re looking for awesome stuff to spruce up your desk why not get something memorable?

These UX playing cards are a great place to start. They’re made specifically for UI/UX designers that build websites and mobile apps.

ux deck of cards design

If you’re more of a print designer you could grab these CMYK cards instead. These are real playing cards that you can actually use for a quick game. But they’re also fun as a decoration or for mapping out ideas visually with cards.

Every great desk should also have some type of speaker system. But you can combine this together with a clock and USB charger using the iHome speaker system.

ihome bluetooth device custom

It has a vibrant clock on the front panel with bluetooth speakers on the top. It’s an incredible product for any office space, and it’s especially flashy for designers who are into technology.

There’s also this alarm clock that comes equipped with two USB ports. Charge whatever you want right next to a bright LED clock from the comfort of your computer chair.

I also want to mention this DOSS wireless speaker with similar functions. It has a bit less to offer than the iHome setup. However it’s really great for a speaker system and it doesn’t require any wires to the computer.

doss custom bluetooth speakers

One other neat desk item is a pair of bookends. Designers and creative people are often voracious readers of both fiction and nonfiction books.

If you search around you can find some very cool bookends for cheap. For example this NYC skyline never looked so good between a block of the printed word.

There’s also these A-Z alphabet bookends among many other options to buy online.

a-z bookends custom

You can find some great deals if you look around. And while not everyone may want flashy bookends, they do the trick when it comes to books you’re constantly referencing and re-reading.

Functional Stuff

Let’s jump into some more functional stuff for your office space. I consider this your bread and butter because it’s required to get work done.

Some little extras may be flashier than needed. But it’s your office and you should decorate however you want.

If you want to stay conservative with functionality consider adding this USB hub to your collection. You can never have too many USB ports and this is one of the best additions for your personal office to increase productivity.

anker usb hub port

If you need far more than four extra ports consider this alternative by AmanStino with a 7-port aluminum hub. Both of these run on USB 3.0 so they’re much faster than older 2.0 ports.

With USB ports comes the natural clutter of chargers, tablets, and other tech accessories. When it comes to dozens of cables hanging around your computer there’s no better addition to the office than a cable organizer.

cordies cable holder

The modern by Quirky Cordies can make your life so much easier with accessible plugs for all your common devices.

But if you just want single cord holders you can find those too. Multiple colors, multiple styles, pretty much any type of cord holder you can imagine is available online.

cordies custom cable holder

Also if you’re trying to hide excess wires I might recommend this cable corral for organizing multiple wires into a single outlet plug.

Each individual plug has its own tunnel for the wires to travel, making your office life that much easier to manage.

If you’re into a more flashy purchase, why not grab a set of coasters for the office? This coaster set by Ugmonk is perfect for designers and especially type enthusiasts.

You get a free mug as part of the bundle and some really cool wooden coasters.

Not all designers want to keep mugs or cups at their desk. But every designer needs some way to organize tasks and take notes.

That’s why quick todo lists are always handy to leave around. I like the magnetic kind because you can pin them to the fridge, or attach them to your desk if it has metal sides.

Alternatively you might want some sketching paper to take down ideas quickly. Web designers will definitely appreciate the UI Sketchbook pack with 50 sheets of paper for drawing and wireframing your ideas quickly.

sketchpad wireframing mobile pad

This is a must-have for any designer that’s rapidly prototyping ideas from their workspace.

The Rhodia Dot Pad is another alternative, although it just has a grid pattern without any specific device mockup frames.

Any of these additions will bring your desk desk to life and hopefully boost your productivity in the process.

Not-So-Functional Stuff

If you just want a super cool office then you’ll want fun and inspiring decorations.

I’m fond of various plushies and pillows like these social media pillows because they give a techie vibe to the room in a way that feels very much like home.

social media pillows customs

Another fun trick is decorating your office space with googly eyes and silly faces. There’s a pack of inanimate stickers you can buy that work on any object in your room.

Try decorating staplers, pens, books, speakers, notepads, external hard drives or even your mouse. Well maybe not that last one… but these are super goofy and really fun.

stickers faces to decorate office

You could even decorate one side of this chalkboard mug with stickers, and show your drawing abilities on the other side.

There’s a lot you can do to spruce up your office space. It just takes some imagination and time spent looking around online.

These little items should give you a nice starting point. But be sure to think up ideas that you’d like for yourself and see how they fit into the big picture. If you have any suggestions feel free to share in the comments below.

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