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Colourise greyscale work in Photoshop

Hit the icon in the top right to see the final image full size

For this video Photoshop tutorial, I’ll be taking you through the techniques and tools I use to create full-colour images from a greyscale line art starting point. This method will work with any layer setup, workflow and Photoshop brushes, and I’ll be demonstrating my approach using the programme’s default tools, so don’t worry if you don’t have the Photoshop CC version. For this walkthrough I’ll be working with an ink drawing that I love from fellow artist Hunter Bonyun. 

Some previous knowledge of how to use masks and layer groups is useful to have before going into this tutorial, but experience using them within a workflow isn’t necessary. You’ll notice that I point out my personal preferences when tackling a certain step. Nothing’s set in stone, especially where painting is concerned, so feel free to adapt my approaches to your own creative workflow! Watch the video tutorial below, or scroll down for some expert tips.

Tip 01: Use adjustment layers

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