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Social media for artists: A lifeline or a curse?

Likes. Retweets. Upvotes. They’ve all become common ways to gauge the popularity of our thoughts, and for those in the creative industries, our work. But are sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a blessing or a curse for artists?

Just like any innovation, it all depends on how you use them. If you’re monitoring the performance of your latest status before you go to bed, it might be time to reassess your relationship with social media. However, when used right, these platforms can reap amazing rewards.

“I’ve discovered so many new artists who inspire me every day just from their social media posts,” says illustrator and Marvel comic artist Jen Bartel, who also uses social media to get her work in front of potential clients.

Jen Bartel strives to stay authentic online

“Working on comics often means working long hours in isolation, and finding those connections online is such an amazing lifeline for many of us,” she says. For Art Camp founder Noah Bradley, social media has overtaken traditional routes to exposure.

Through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we can share in each others’ triumphs

Nicola Scott

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