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Step-by-step: How to mimic oil paint in Corel Painter

It only feels like yesterday when I was role-playing with high school friends in fantasy worlds full of knights, wizards, barbarians and treasures hidden in dungeons. As teenagers, the most treasured possessions we owned were the RPG handbooks. Among them, the bestiary books were my first contact with the world of concept art and character design, and that’s what made me interested in pursuing a career in art.  

Almost everything back then was still painted traditionally in acrylics or oils. My preference for clear brush strokes and canvas or paper texture visible in print has stayed with me over the years, and for a long time I looked for a way to create the same effects in my digital paintings.

Corel Painter includes a range of features to help you mimic traditional art effects

What’s so beautiful about traditional art is its unpredictability. There are so many happy accidents that give traditional painting a soul. The way that every hair in your brush tip leaves an individual mark. How pigments don’t just mix, but ‘sing’ a magical song together. 

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