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Paint expressive portrait art with ArtRage 5

ArtRage is a popular digital art tool (for more, see our ArtRage introduction) In this tutorial, I’ll take you through each step of creating a portrait in ArtRage 5, from making a new file and loading up a reference image, sketching out initial shapes and forms, through to blocking in and adding thicker textured paint using ArtRage’s Palette knife, and utilising custom brushes to create more texture and movement. I’ll also show you how to add some final flourishes, such as grunge backgrounds and paper textures, as we export the ArtRage painting into Photoshop. 

I like to echo my approach to traditional art techniques in my digital process, so the process shouldn’t feel too alien or unusual if you come from a fine art background. The workshop below and accompanying video (above) show how the screen really does become a canvas before you. The portrait I’ll be working on is of an old man in an abstract colourful setting, so I’ll keep my paint loose and choppy to create vibrancy and interest in a modern manner.

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