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How to break into pixel art

Nostalgia hits people in waves every few decades. When these waves break, we tend to see what we grew up with recycled by the media and sold back to us. In the case of pixel art however, a community of creators are producing images in the medium that go beyond mainstream acceptance.

Given that pixel art has strong connections to video games, a medium itself which hasn’t been fully embraced as art yet, perhaps it’s a natural fit for people with that independent, artistic sensibility.

“Of course pixel art stems primarily from games,” says graphic artist Richard Schmidbauer, who was first blown away by the pixel-based graphics in Blizzard’s Blackthorne for the Commodore 64.

“With each scene, I want to show a glimpse of a story that seems to live beyond the borders of the canvas,” says Schlitter (Image credit: Raymond Schlitter)

“But it’s really bled into other forms of art in the past few years. You tend to see it in videos, clothing and pop culture. It’s become so popular because a lot of people who grew up with those games are now creating various things. So most people today are used to seeing pixel art as a medium of expression.”

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