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Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters review

Facing a blank canvas can be daunting, particularly when designing subjects not of this world. Just what and who do you turn to for inspiration when designing mythical creatures? The sixth in its series, Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters, by Marisa Lewis is a fantastic place to start. 

It’s an inspirational paperback (for more great books, see our best drawing books roundup) that gathers artwork from 50 illustrators working in the field of creature design, while throwing in some valuable artist insight for good measure, too. 

Sketching from the imagination: Format

A dinosaur-like design from the imagination of US artist Jordan Walker (Image credit: Jordan Walker)

The book’s format quickly becomes apparent from a glance through the book’s 317 pages. Each artist has been allocated a similar amount of space, most of which is crammed full of the most fascinating creature designs. A varied subject selection provides drawings of everything from dragons and fairies to mechanical structures and aliens, in all stages of development. The majority of the artwork is in black and white; however, a number of full colour illustrations pop up randomly, making for a welcome change of pace in among the monochrome.

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