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Funny A-Z of quarantine life is unexpectedly good

With the sheer amount of ‘quarantine content’ doing the rounds these days, it’s hard to know what’s worth your time. From work from home guides to the dystopian daily onslaught that is the news, you’d be forgiven for never wanting to see words like ‘quarantine’ and ‘isolation’ again. But trust us, one look at the A-Z of Quarantine is bound to raise a knowing smile (perhaps even 26 of them).

The A-Z of Quarantine is a simple yet beautifully designed website that uses the alphabet “to produce a living document of the minutiae of life under lockdown”. It’s a hugely relatable and humorous exploration of lockdown life, from ‘Art’ to ‘Zoom’. “Instead of climbing the walls, you could paint them?” says the former entry, while the latter aptly describes Zoom as, “The tool you use to show your boss you’ve managed to get out of bed.”

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A screenshot from the A-Z of Quarantine (Image credit: Zosia Swidlicka and Barney McCann)

It helps that the website looks great. Accompanying copywriter Zosia Swidlicka’s short but hilarious descriptions are a series of experimental animated letter forms using an AI-powered typeface by designer Barney McCann. These mesmerising letters are described as “the closest thing you can get to a computer’s handwriting.” 


Sounds familiar (Image credit: Zosia Swidlicka and Barney McCann)

Some of our favourite examples from the alphabet include ‘C’ for ‘Cats’ (“Learn from the best: stare out of the window for a few hours, clean behind your ears, and sleep when you’re tired; ideally across a nearby human’s keyboard”), ‘K’ for ‘Kids’ (“All that quality time they’re spending with your iPad”) and ‘O’ for ‘Old flames’ (“When your ex thinks now’s the perfect time to get back in touch”).

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