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Draw Disney characters with these FREE pro classes

While Disney Parks remain closed worldwide, Disney animators are passing their skills on to creatives at home. This series of online tutorials gives you the chance to flex your artistic muscles and bring some Disney magic into your own home, by learning to sketch a host of Disney characters.

With creatives everywhere on the hunt for new skills to add to their creative arsenal, this is a pretty satisfying project to get your teeth into. Plus, you’ll be a hero to the small people in your life when you can nonchalantly whip up a convincing sketch of Mickey Mouse and the all-important Princess Elsa. 

Want to add more Disney to your lockdown life? Try Disney Plus for free for seven days. And if you’d like more drawing tutorials, check out our post on how to draw.

You can try three versions of Mickey Mouse (Image credit: Disney)

The tutorials take you through the process of creating well-known characters from Disney’s animation history, in a thorough and technical way that is also straight-forward enough for the whole family to join in.

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