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We love the new Cadbury logo – but is there a problem?

Rumours began circulating a few weeks back that Cadbury was about to update its logo to a new design, based more closely on the signature of its founder. Lo and behold, the rumours were true – Bulletproof has been revealed as the agency behind the new logo, as well as new, bolder packaging for the Dairy Milk bar.

The new logo is a thinner affair, with a more cursive quality emphasising its handwritten nature (especially with the newly looped ‘b’). It isn’t a huge change, but we’d say that’s to be expected – Cadbury has one of the most recognisable wordmarks around (a pretty essential criteria for making our best logos list). That said, Twitter users (below) have pointed out a peculiarity with the new logo, and now we just can’t un-see it.

Old (left) vs. new (right) (Image credit: Cadbury/Future Owns)

Now that we look at it, it does kind of read like ‘Cadbwy.’ Whether we’d have noticed that the ‘r’ looks like a ‘w’ without having it explicitly pointed out, we’re not sure – it was arguably still present in the old version. That said, now that we’ve seen it, it’s going to be weally hard not to see it. The logo is still unmistakably Cadbury’s, though, and we stand by our previous assertion that the thinner wordmark looks more refined. 

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