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MacBook Pro 2020 is here (but it’s not quite what we expected)

Earlier today we reported you might not have to wait long for Apple to reveal the new MacBook Pro 2020. Turns out we couldn’t have been more right – a mere two hours later, Apple officially revealed its updated smaller MacBook Pro model.

There’s no denying the shiny new device boasts some seriously impressive new features, including a significant boost in power and the addition of Apple’s new Magic Keyboard. But we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that the new 13-inch MacBook is, well, still 13 inches. We’d rather hoped it would follow in its 16-inch sibling’s footsteps by reducing the size of the bezels in order to increase the size of the display by an inch. Alas, the smaller model remains 13-inch, rather than 14-inch. You can’t win them all.

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