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Is this social distancing blanket design as bizarre as it looks?

As certain lockdown restrictions begin to be eased in some countries, attention is turning to what the next stage of the ‘new normal’ might look like – especially when it comes to public spaces. From social distancing to protective wear (check out our guide to where to buy a face mask), certain measures will no doubt remain part of life for a while. But thanks to one London architectural studio, you might soon be able to enjoy a picnic with friends. Sort of.

Paul Cocksedge Studio has shared an open source blanket design, optimistically named Here Comes the Sun. It consists of four small, equidistant circles joined together by a large ring – leaving a massive hole in the middle. The small circles are each designed to accommodate a single person, while the large ring keeps everybody the necessary 2m apart. You might have to shout, but hey – it’s better than nothing.

Even the dog understands the need for social distancing  (Image credit: Cocksedge Studio)

Perhaps the best thing about the design is that you can make it yourself using a few household items including scissors, a sewing machine and 9sqm of “a non-fraying material such as felt”. You can find Cocksedge’s guide on dropbox. And if you’re feeling particularly crafty, take a look at our guide to how to make a face mask. 

Here comes the sun design

A screenshot from Cocksedge’s guide  (Image credit: Paul Cocksedge Studio)

“It’s so easy to misjudge two metres,” Paul Cocksedge told Dezeen, “especially when we’re out again socialising with friends and family.” He describes Here Comes the Sun as a “playful answer” to the problem. 

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