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8 online meetups that are helping the creative community

For creatives who have long been working from home, the new world of lockdown has been relatively easy to adapt to. But that doesn’t mean it’s been without its problems. With everything to deal with from cancelled contracts and lost income to isolation and loneliness, it’s not surprising that designers, illustrators and artists have been looking for new places to link up.

There are so many virtual communities springing up right now, often on a local or regional basis, that it would be impossible to list them all. But in this post, we’ve collected together eight online meetups that you may not be aware of. Some are long-running but have recently been made free, while others have been launched specifically in response to the lockdown. All of them offer a place to find like-minded souls and get support, advice and encouragement to help you through the crisis.

01. Just Us Collective

This long-running community allows creatives to share inspiration and ideas (Image credit: Tatiana Boyko for Just Us Collective)

Set up in 2009 by freelance graphic designer Mark Luke Grant, The Just Us Collective is a non-profit community of illustrators and designers, formed to showcase creative talent and encourage networking and collaboration. They are currently building a community on Slack with past members, and have opened submissions for new ones too.

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