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How to draw manga characters

Learning how to draw manga art is no easy feat. It has a very distinct style, and sometimes it can be hard to get started. Even if you read a lot of manga comics, you may find it difficult to pick out the subtle differences that make each of your favourite artists unique, and therefore find it challenging to develop your own manga drawing style.

For general drawing tips, don’t miss our how to draw tutorials, but when it comes to drawing manga, artist Mina Petrovic, better known as Mistiqarts on YouTube, has made it simple for you, with these clear and concise tips on how to draw manga characters such as the Mad Hatter below. Petrovic’s tutorial channel boasts over 150,000 subscribers, and she also penned manga drawing book Manga Crash Course – so you’re in good hands.

How to draw manga art like Mina Petrovic’s Mad Hatter

01. How to draw manga eyes

How to draw manga - eyes 1

You should be able to fit a third eye between the two eyes

Getting the facial features proportioned correctly is key to creating a face in manga. “Distance between the eyes is the most important part – always make enough room to fit a third eye between them,” says Petrovic. She suggests if you want to mimic the style shown here, you should keep the nostril size as minimal as possible, on both men and women. 

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