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What traits do you need to become a successful artist?

Can artists succeed on talent alone? Perhaps. But in the real world, certain personality traits make the art journey a great deal easier. We spoke to industry professionals who shared their thoughts on the traits that helped them to succeed professionally. 

Of course, an outstanding portfolio helps too (see our favourite design portfolios here), as does up to date knowledge on the best social media platforms to display your work. But read on to find out the personality traits you can deploy to help to achieve success.

01. Set clear goals

“Talent is a gift you need to assemble yourself, through motivation, direction, time, and effort,” says Bobby (Image credit: Bobby Chiu)

One, believes artist and teacher Bobby Chiu, is having clear goals. “When I started out, I had small aspirations,” he recalls. “I just wanted to work in an art department. It didn’t matter what I did: sweep people’s floors, sharpen pencils, or whatever. But that mindset led me nowhere.”

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