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These optical illusion face mask posters are utter genius

Most of us are getting used to the ‘new normal’ post lockdown, which means, among other things, getting used to face masks. Despite their obvious safety benefits, some are less keen on the coverings than others – which is why Noma Bar, king of the optical illusion, has created a brilliant set of posters encouraging everybody to wear a mask if they want things to get back to normal.

Like his dull superhero posters promoting staying at home in May, the ‘wear a mask’ posters were created in collaboration with McCann Health New York and medicine company Mucinex, and feature a series of clever illusions. This time, objects representing ‘normality’ also cleverly resemble face masks (if you haven’t got yours yet, here’s where to buy a face mask). 

‘Normal’ activities depicted include coffee with friends, cruise holidays and rock concerts, with a coffee cup, cruise ship and the sign of the horns (aka ‘that rock-and roll-hand symbol thing’) each resembling a face mask. Every poster instructs the viewer: back to normal is up to you. The entertaining designs are bound to make you double-take, and are certainly up there with our favourite poster designs. 

(Image credit: Noma Bar)

“Everything we do at Mucinex is informed by science and data,” Claudine Patel, vice president, marketing for Mucine said in a press release. “With increasing evidence that face masks are some of the most powerful tools we have to slow the spread of the virus, Noma’s art helps spread the message that it’s up to all of us to help fight this global health crisis together in order to get our lives and world back to normal.”

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