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How to draw a dragon: 16 expert tips

Learning how to draw a dragon can be tricky. While a staple in fantasy art for decades, designing one of these mythical creatures from scratch is a skill. Taking inspiration from real-life animals can be a great starting point, however sticking a pair of wings on a lizard simply won’t cut it. 

So how do you learn how to draw a dragon with character and personality? Here, top fantasy artists share their personal art techniques to help get you started. Read on for some expert advice on how to draw a dragon, and for more top tutorials to improve your artistic skills, explore our guide to how to draw animals.

01. Start with a silhouette of your dragon

A strong dragon silhouette gives impact when viewed at a distance (Image credit: Alex Stone)

Before you jump into drawing your dragon and get lost in the details, make sure you consider the bigger picture. “For every dragon, arrange the major elements in a way that creates a good silhouette,” says Alex Stone, a Brooklyn-based artist whose work has appeared in games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Smash Up. 

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