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How to choose the right drawing tools

With the right drawing tools, you’ll feel more confident in creating your best artwork. But sometimes picking the right tools for your needs can feel like a process of trial and error.

To help you on your way to your dream toolbox, we’ll run through some different drawing tool options you can try out, plus the accessories you’ll need to get started. And if you’re looking to arm yourself with a whole new set of tools, then don’t miss our guides to the best pencils, the best lightboxes, the best sketchbooks and the best art easels. 

01. Graphite pencils

Graphite pencils are good for creating smooth strokes

When first becoming acquainted with using pencils for artwork, we’d recommend buying one of each grade from 9H to 9B, so you can get familiar with the hard/light and soft/dark qualities of each. Experiment with various surfaces, and try a wide variety of strokes and mark-making. 

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