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New Sonic the Hedgehog logo runs rings around the rest

Not only does he move fast, but the world’s most famous blue hedgehog seems to be growing up fast as well. Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog’s first outing on Sega’s Mega Drive, and the company has just revealed a brilliant new logo to mark the occasion. 

The new design features a blue silhouette of Sonic in profile atop the words ’30th anniversary’. Fans were quick to spot that the ‘0’ also forms the iconic loop of Sonic’s running shoes, in a clever nod to the original games’ 2D animation. If you’re looking for inspiration of your own, check out our logo design guide. 

(Image credit: Sega)

The clean logo has proven a huge hit online, with fans loving the subtle inclusion of Sonic’s shoes, as well as the return to a more traditional character design for the blue blur. Unlike the more realistic, furry design from the recent Sonic movie (not that a talking blue hedgehog will ever be entirely realistic), the logo marks a return to the more cartoon-like character that graced the box art of games in the 90s (take a look at our character design guide if you’re looking for tips).

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