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Studio Ghibli releases free images from its most beloved films

It’s been a fruitful year for Studio Ghibli fans. Not only have all 21 films recently landed on Netflix, but we also recently got our first glimpse at its first CGI movie, due for release this year. As if that wasn’t enough, the studio has now begun rolling out an archive of high-res, free-to-use stills from its films – and it’s an absolute goldmine for fans of Ghibli (or animation in general).

The archive currently includes 50 stills from 8 films including Spirited Away, Ponyo, and The Wind Rises – and the studio says it plans to share stills from its entire output. Viewed as a collection, the gallery is a brilliant showcase for Studio Ghibli’s traditional hand-drawn style, as well as the talents of founder Hayao Miyazaki. (We can’t all be Miyazaki, but our how to draw tutorials can start you off on your animation journey).

A still from Spirited Away (Image credit: Studio Ghibli)

“From this month, we will provide scene photos of all Studio Ghibli works in sequence,” reads a message above the archive. “This month, we will provide 8 works, for a total of 400 pieces. Feel free to use it within the bounds of common sense,” it adds (rather ominously). We’d say the images are definitely worth studying for any aspiring animators, not least to pick up some essential character design tips. 

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