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Infinite Painter: 15 tips to master the mobile art app

Infinite Painter is an art app designed specifically for mobile. Mobile tablets are changing the art landscape. Take, for example, the ability to couple an oily brush with a three-point perspective grid to create dynamic imagery that fits in the realm of an art gallery. Or how about when I took my iPad into the Paris museums to learn from the Old Masters?

In this article, we will share tips on how you can knock out concept sketches in Infinite Painter using a few techniques and a handy custom interface. We’re sure these tips will not only speed up your art process but will hopefully expand your abilities beyond your comfort zone.

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01. Get to know your brushes

The Solid Fill brush is ideal for filling in silhouettes (Image credit: Andrew Theophilopoulos)

Final line art is a great way to solve problems and refresh your design. But when it’s time to build the layer structure for painting, open the Brush palette and use the Solid Fill brush to fill in the silhouettes of your characters or environment. I use the Solid Fill as both the brush and eraser.

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