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Simple drawing hack will transform how you draw hands

The human body is one of the hardest things to draw realistically, and hands are among the most difficult parts. From oversized fingers to bulbous palms, the slightest error can leave them looking comically disproportioned. But a brilliant drawing hack is doing the rounds online – and while incredibly simple, could totally transform your approach to drawing hands.

Our how to draw tutorials are full of brilliant tips, but there are often invaluable nuggets of wisdom to be found from artists on Twitter too. According to his Twitter bio, Jesse Hamm “will not let his lack of fame or achievement stop him from tweeting advice to all and sundry” – and his latest hint is going down a storm.

In three simple images, Hamm explains how drawing outside the contours of the hand, the artist can avoid ending up with spindly-looking digits. Indeed, it’s clear from the two contrasting examples (below) that the version inked on the outside of the outline is fuller and more realistic than the rather thin-fingered version which was inked on the outline itself. You can find more hand-drawing advice in our how to  draw hands guide.

Inking outside the outline (left) vs on the outline (right) (Image credit: Apple )

We’ve got to hand it to Hamm – this is an incredibly simple technique that completely transforms the hand’s appearance. And it seems all and sundry are loving the advice:

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