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Illustration series depicting superheroes’ bathroom habits is still genius

Superhero fan art has been around forever. All the big names have been reimagined by artists, from Spiderman and Wolverine, to the Hulk and DeadPool. But earlier this year, an unusual project came along to show us something totally unexpected, the likes of which we’d never seen before.

The brainchild of artist JP “Pat” Huddleston, this series of illustrations depicts how superheroes might look while using the bathroom; and, more importantly, how they might manage their superpowers. 

This is the first ‘superheroes in the bathroom’ series we’ve seen, and while we don’t really want to imagine anyone on the loo, we can’t help but love the original take on such beloved characters. (Don’t miss our character design tips article if you’re in need of a little help with your own designs). 

Click the image to enlarge (Image credit: JP “Pat” Huddlestuff)

There’s no denying the illustrative skill here from Huddleston, but what makes the series stand out is the level of attention to detail and humour weaved in. Each character’s personality traits have been explored just the right amount (these images are safe for work, thankfully), and put to good use. Just a glimpse of Wolverine’s claws while he’s sitting on the toilet was enough to make us shudder (imagine those slipping out at the wrong moment, yeesh), but that reaction quickly turned to laughter when we noticed the Deadpool-themed pants. Genius. 

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