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The best drawing tablet 2021: Our pick of the best graphics tablets

We’ve got all the best drawing tablets for you right here in our comprehensive, up-to-date guide. As there’s absolutely loads out there we’ve had a pretty tough time narrowing it down, but we’ve slimmed this list to 15 models that we think are the best buys you can make right now. From professional models to starter tablets, we’ve made sure to cover a range of price points and tablets pitched at different skill levels, so there’s something here for the newbies and the pros.

Plenty of different manufacturers produce drawing tablets, catering for different markets. Wacom is one of the leading names in the field of drawing tablets, producing great options for pros and amateurs alike. However, it’s hardly a monopoly, and those who are budget-conscious would do well to look at the options available from competitors like XP-Pen and Huion.

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