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New Procreate Pocket update takes iPhone graphic design to new heights

If you’re a digital artist using iOS, chances are you’re familiar with Procreate. The hugely popular iPad app is one of the best tools for illustrators and graphic designers, and the iPhone version is no slouch either. The latter has just received a brand new update – and it’s a big one.

The app has been given a brand new UI, featuring a compact and easy-to-navigate ‘card’ system. Meanwhile, one of the most popular iPad features has finally made its way to the pocket version: dark mode. It’s already top of our best iPhone apps for designers list, but Procreate Pocket just got even more powerful (not to mention prettier).

Dark mode is finally available on Procreate Pocket (Image credit: Savage Interactive)

Further bringing the iPhone version in line with its iPad counterpart is the addition of the Valkyrie graphics engine. We were truly impressed by its performance in the iPad  app’s Procreate 5X update, and it promises similar super-speedy performance on mobile. “Using new sophisticated shaders, Valkyrie absolutely flies on iPhone,” Savage International says in a press release.

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