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Best desk for small spaces 2021: Compact options for small rooms

One of the best desks for small spaces can help you create a great work setup, even if you don’t have a dedicated office. Perhaps, like many of us, you’re now working from home, when you’d usually be in an office or studio. Maybe you’re a student who’s spending more time studying at home than expected. Or perhaps you’re a freelancer who has found themselves with their entire family joining them on their once-peaceful working days, putting household space at a premium? 

Whatever the reason, our collection of the best desks for small spaces will help you make the most out of a cramped area (got more room to play with? Head to our general guide to the best desks instead). You’d be surprised how much you can fit comfortably into a corner of a lounge, or a box room, if you choose the right furniture. While you’re completing your setup, be sure to pick up one of the best office chairs too. Now, read on for some clever space-saving solutions in our pick of the best desks for small spaces. 

Best desk for small spaces to buy now: US

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(Image credit: Costway)
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best desk for small spaces: Costway Corner Computer Desk

(Image credit: Costway)

01. Costway Corner Computer Desk

The best desk for tight corners

Width: 41.5″ | Height: 30″ | Depth: 28″ | Material: Pine and MDF | Colour: Black or white

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