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Adobe Creative Cloud Pro is a game-changer for teams

Access to high-quality assets is vital for many creatives completing a vast range of projects. And if you’re part of an organisation that’s ever yearned for this to be a more seamless experience, you’re in luck as Adobe is launching a Pro Edition of its ever-popular Creative Cloud for Teams package. Created especially for businesses with five or more team members, it adds unlimited access to the collection of Adobe Stock assets onto the usual Creative Cloud experience – and for the first year, for the same price. 

So is it right for you? Well, if you’re a team that needs access to stock assets for your creative work then yes, it probably will be a valuable upgrade. When the price increases in the second year, it still doesn’t match the cost of buying both standalone Creative Cloud and Stock subscriptions (though the overall cost depends on how many users are in your team). Plus, it could help streamline your workflow, as you’ll be able to access Adobe’s collection of over 200 million stock images directly from every desktop and mobile app in the CC suite.

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