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XP-PEN Innovator 16 review | Creative Bloq

The XP-PEN Innovator 16 is a great example of a mid-range pen display that sits snuggly between Wacom’s Cintiq 16 and Huion’s Kamvas Pro 16 at a more than reasonable $529.99 / £449.99. 

How does it stand out? In terms of build quality it is slimmer and more compact than either of the previously mentioned tablets, has marginally better colour gamut (meaning colour reproduction), and is equal if not slightly brighter, too. If I were upgrading from smaller tablet, or were weighing up the options on this best drawing tablets list, I’d give the XP-PEN Innovator 16 serious consideration.  

XP-PEN Innovator 16: Display and drawing experience

The size is ideal for most people (Image credit: Ben Brady)

Firstly, a 15.6” display is something to be excited about. Yes, there are bigger displays out there, priced accordingly, but this is what I would call a (more than) happy medium, and most certainly not a compromise. 

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